STEVEN'S 1000 day Journey

These are photos taken by the Harris family using Cameras and Mobile Phones.

1. Pre accident photo' of Steven with Cofradia at Semana Santa procession.
2. In intensive care.
3. First time out of hospital at Alzira.
4. Visit by 3 Kings at hospital. Steven remembers this even though he was in his coma, and he thought he'd seen God.
5. Typical state of Steven fighting covers during coma.
6. Family photo' just out of coma.
7. Daytrip at Cullera.
8. First attempts at standing.
9. Walking with frame.
10. Walking with large walking stick.
11. Pushing his own wheelchair up a ramp.
12. Walking on his own.
13. With one of his nurses.
14. With one of his nurses on his leaving day.
15. Doing his "Rocky" impression on top step of hospital as he was leaving.
16. X-ray of left leg showing breaks and metal pin.
17. Showing misshaped pelvis, and hip replacement joint.
18. Zenia Boulevard.
19. Promenade at Torrevieja.
20. Mt Teide Tenerife during our cruise.
21. Malaga during our cruise.
22. Latest photo' taken during San Juan fiestas at Alicante.